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The internet advertising industry is constantly undergoing changes, evolving rapidly in response to new demands. Born from the evolution of ad network is DSP &SSP, a new field enabling greater possibilities for new internet advertisements. This field arose from the chaotic grounds of ad network in response to the increasing individual needs of both demand and supply. In addition to satisfying their individual needs, creating an enjoyable experience for end users on the internet is critical in improving the overall value of the relationship. At Cosmology, we believe the key to creating a better society lies in improving this relationship, and to achieve this goal, we strive to provide the best service that will satisfy demand, supply, and end users.



Distribution of countless advertisements to the most appropriate places around the world.

Advertisements are distributed using RTB, where online advertisement slots are configured to be automatically bid for according to the advertiser's budget, site information, target, CPA goals, and creative banner. In distributing to both the domestic and global markets, Cosmology is able to respond to a greater range of needs.

Social Video DSP

Lack of Expression Power in still images, Interactive scheme. Sharing based on social media.

With user-interactive videos, a closer relationship with users can be created. Video images are programmed to play only when the video comes into view in the browser with Cosmology's "Social Video DSP". Not only does this make the product seem more attractive, it also conveys the advertiser's passion.

Ad Verification

Managing various places where Advertisement are displayed. Prevents distribution to sites that will tarnish the brand.

Regardless of how spectacular the advertisement is, it is meaningless if it is distributed to sites that will tarnish the brand’s image. By adopting Ad verification, it is possible to select which sites the advertisement is distributed to, preventing the advertiser’s image from being tarnished.

Advertisement distribution to users worldwide.

Satisfying the client's finer demands, distributing advertisements to users worldwide.

With the globalization of society, it is typical that distributions of advertisement to domestic sites alone will not produce sufficient results. One of our missions is to reach users in different parts of the world in the blink of an eye.

Trading Desk

Not only do we use our DSP, we also use DSP by other companies.
Through using different DSP’s and doing a comparative analysis, results for the "overall operation" is improved.

Regardless of how efficient the DSP adopted is, results will not show if it is run inappropriately. At Cosmology, we are experienced in both running and tuning the trading desk, and we will select the most appropriate DSP that corresponds to the Advertiser’s needs.

Recommended Advertisement

Born from real time record. Advertisement targeting.

Random distribution of advertisements will not produce satisfying results. Recommended Advertisement is a more effective method for advertisement distribution because it uses a technology highly precise in distributing advertisements to end users in real time, according to their “current” demands.

Facebook Exchange

Method of advertising by targeting specific users through real time bidding.

Facebook, the world’s largest SNS to date has more than 10 million users. Distributing advertisements on Facebook is a new conventional means of achieving desirable results. By monitoring the browsing behaviors of users and displaying the appropriate advertisements, a high response can be expected.


Internet advertising is continuously changing and growing rapidly all across the world. As new technologies and players increase, data and goals within the industry becomes more obscure. At Cosmology, we believe that the common factor connecting all players, demand/supply-side and end users, is “will”, and our duty is to serve a role that creates meaning. When servicing our customers, we continuously think about this “will” as we consider each player’s respective circumstances and how we can contribute to each player’s goals. The meaning to Cosmology is universe. This represents how the evolution of the internet industry mirrors the universe’s very origin, structure, and changing states. Stay in tune as Cosmology continues to bring new ideas to this industry and evolve like the universe.

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Tetsuro Masunaga

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